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As the only festival of its kind in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, we draw heavily on Ottawa’s Latin dancing community for volunteers as well as participants. Last year, we managed a dedicated team of 28 volunteers, the vast majority of them dancers themselves. To make ourselves known to the Latin dancers throughout the city, we promote our event at salsa social dance events that occur twice weekly, as well as six targeted fundraising events held at Queen Street Fare, and eight at Lansdowne park; all for the salsa dancing community in Ottawa.


However, as Ottawa - Gatineau's Latin dancing community is a relatively niche audience, our relationship with the larger non-dancing community is essential to the success and growth of the Ottawa - Gatineau International Salsa Festival. We actively promote our festival on various social media platforms (including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), and partner with many pillars of the Ottawa community, including the CBC OttawaThe Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),Ottawa Food Bank, Queen Street Fare, Landsdowne Park, CBC Radio Gatineau, Rogers Radio, to continuously expand awareness of both our festival and Latin dancing in Ottawa more broadly. We also partner with local businesses including TaggerWear, K&D Dance wear, and Salsa Style Dance Shoes as vendors at our festival, thus giving them opportunities to increase their business.